Unique Gifts For Your Valentine in 2021 


I know what you are thinking!

Valentine's Day is just round the corner and you haven't still thought of a gift for your loved ones!

And especially when you haven't spent a quality time with each other (thanks to the worldwide lock down), this becomes too important, NOW, to show love, your affection and to show that you care.

Maybe you were stuck in a different city or in a different country altogether. Worse is that you couldn’t meet even after staying in one city. Wait, before you go down that scary memory lane, I must tell you it was all in the past!

Thankfully, Valentine's comes as your savior! You can heal all your wounds that happened because of COVID-19 and here is a short guide to help you find a perfect gift for your husband and wife.

It’s time to make this Valentine’s Day a little special for your better half and commemorate for all the good times ahead in 2021. 

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Gifts For Your Better Half- Gifts For Her

Who wants coffee mugs, chocolates, teddy bears, or flowers these days? We aren't living in the 2000s where we went to 'Archies' and bought all these as a gift for your wife.

A thoughtful gift is something that touches hearts and make them feel at the top of the world.

Let's make this Valentine's Day special for her by making her life better and bringing a smile on her face.

1. Echo Dot For the Music Lover

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

Obviously, when your wife is working from home she needs more than a chocolate to cheer her up. A virtual assistant is something that makes her life easier.

Well, Alexa is quite trending and Alexa enabled appliances are pouring in the market to jazz up your home into a smart one.

Okay, Yes, I understand that having an Echo Dot without Alexa enabled appliances or gadgets is like having a Bluetooth speaker! But then, you can do more cool stuff other than, ‘Alexa, please change the living room light to yellow’!

Can your Bluetooth speaker respond to, “Alexa, play top Bollywood songs”?

But, Echo Dot does!

The moment you pass on this command, there would be top Bollywood songs playing on your Echo Dot!

Not only this, you can create your shopping list, add favourite songs to the library, set alarms and reminders, announce important notices for your family from your car and more!

Isn’t this beautiful?

Oh, yes, I almost forgot! The price! Well, you can buy it for ₹3, 449 only.

And, if you choose the 4th gen Echo Dot with clock, it will cost you ₹5499 from Amazon.

2. Smart Watch/ Fit Band To Help Her With Her Fitness Regime

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

Well, being healthy should be the top most priority in everybody’s life! Often, health takes a back seat in a woman's life and the juggle between the household chores and office work lies somewhere in the first rows.

And, if you are gifting your better half, a smart watch or a fit band (be it any company), she would be the happiest person!

Generally, people think a smart watch or a fit band is a lavish gift but no, you can find a cheap and best brand and go ahead with it. Invest according to your budget and make your Valentine feel special!

If your better half is on the chubby side, encourage her to work on her health (positively! Do not demean her). This will make her whole life transform!

Trust me, I was myself 82 and my significant other helped me reach my fitness goal. And, I feel so awesome that I just can’t tell you here!

Want some advice on the best and affordable smart watches?

Well, buy Amazfit Bip U Smart Watch- SPO2 and stress monitor, 60+ sports mode, 50+ watch faces, breathing training and smart notifications like text messages, calls, alarms and more.

3. Jewelry To Enhance Her Beauty

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

I know! I know! It’s a little cliché but being a woman, I must tell you, a woman and jewelry has an unbreakable relation.

Personally, women love rings, pendent sets, bracelets, charms, something unique from the usual jewelry!  And, jewelry in a customized box helps you to gain those 'brownie' points! There are many customized boxes that you can find on Amazon, or any offline gift store. Even ‘Archies’ is an option!

Last Valentine’s Day, I got a ring from Swarovski and they have their impressive way of packing it. It was on 14th February, 2020 that I found the ring near my toothbrush stand! I still remember the day and how happy I was! (I am happy now as well)!

4. Eco-Friendly Gift For Her

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

Pic Credits: Nurserylive

Almost every woman love flowers! Now, gifting just a pack of 12 or 30 or maybe more roses would be a disappointment! I know, Women don’t appreciate it!

Now, if you want to gift her something green but not just flowers! Gift her a nursery!

A pack of potted succulents is a good idea which she can keep them in her room! Obviously, you can give her flowering plants as well but just check the space in your house.

5. A Basket With All Of Her Favorites

A decorated basket with a bunch of gifts is something very special for me!

Gifting just a box of chocolates, teddy bear and everything is overrated.

Why not, gift her something that makes her jump with joy!

You can get a basket easily and if you are a guy who loves to do DIY stuff, you can decorate it by yourself! Or, you can get it decorated by any gift shop near you in an exchange for a reasonable amount.

Now, you know your wife better than anyone!

Just to give you an idea, perfumes (mostly Skin, Ajmal, Miniso collection of fragrances), Cadbury Silk, lilies, body shop shower gel, a handwritten letter, Pringles, her favourite colour nail paint, the simplest form of accessory, memory magnets, a spa voucher etc. would be great.

Obviously, you can customize this basket according to your budget and your wife’s liking! Just make this extraordinarily special for her!

Gifts For Your Better Half- Gifts For Him

Oh! My! God!


I have been there and trust me, it is one hell of a task! And when you search for that ‘perfect’ gift for him, all you get is watches, wallets, perfumes, cuff links, or shoes. I mean, what’s wrong with the world, is there nothing that can be gifted to a man other than this?

I have been long enough with my better half that such stuff has become normal for us! I know, we girls tend to take things a notch higher and Valentine’s Day is a big deal for us!

No worries, us girls need to stick together!

1. A Grooming Box To Maintain His Dapper Look

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

I am a woman who loves to make his man smile and see that ‘awww’ look in his eyes!

So, What I did last year was to gift him a grooming box. It was mostly DIY but was not that difficult and I know, every girl has it in her!

Firstly, I bought a reusable white and golden polka dot box from a gift shop nearby and a fairy light!

I decorated the box with the fairy light and made a heart out of it!

Now, comes to the grooming kit!

You know what brand he loves, if not, ask him casually (practice a subtle art of knowing things without letting him anything fishy!).

In the box, I kept a small teddy (preferably white and red combination), Beardo-the Irish Oil & Beardo Wash Combo, Phillips Cordless Trimmer, Rustic Art Neem Face Wash, The Body Shop Grapeseed Hair Serum and a small travel pack of fragrance!

Well, you can always choose what you want in that box and customize it according to your man’s liking!

The aforementioned grooming kit is easily available on Amazon.

2. Furry Messengers for A Pet Lover in Him

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

Pic Credits: Oye Happy

For the love of dogs!

A pleasant surprise in the morning delivered to him as cute puppies holding placards that says ‘I Love You’ is something that will surely make him fall in love with you all over again!

Choose a breed and gift him! I tell you, my man is someone who already has three dogs back at his house! And, now when we have our home after marriage, I decided to have puppies running around him when he is back from work.

So, Vodka, Ginny and Whiskey are my three beloveds (other than him)!

This is not just a gift for him but for you as well!

You can buy the whole package from Oye Happy!

3. Gadget Organizer Bag For the ‘Always Organized’ Him

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

A gadget organizer bag is something unique yet a gift of utility. This is perfect is you do not want to make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day but still you want to do something for him.

Easily available on Amazon and Flipkart, you can choose various colours, designs and the type of bag material you deem fit. The organizer bag occupies less space and works well if you want to take your gadgets with you while you travel! Elastic loops and mesh pockets keeps the wires safe from damage!

4. Gourmet Experience For The Selective Taste in Him

Customized cuisine in a restaurant is a great idea! You can blend it with a romantic candle light dinner for this special evening.

Well, what I chose for him last to last year was a restaurant that offers customized cuisine and an ample of space for a stroll near the pool. That romantic stroll is something, you know, more than special! Moreover, it was lovely.

We were engaged back then and we kind of needed to soak in the anticipation of getting married!

Stealing a moment away from the usual stuff, make your guy feel like a ‘King’!

5. ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle) Ride for an Adventure Junkie

Unique-Gifts-To-Make-Your-Better-Half-Go-Head-Over-Heels-For-You-in-2021-Valentine’s-Day Special

Since, the corona vaccine is out, an ATV ride is not a bad gift at all!

Excitement! Thrill! Adventure!

What more could your significant other want?

Amidst the nature resorts, Hilly terrains, Wildlife sanctuaries, an ATV ride is going to make him brush of all the stress that he carries from work!

Also, it can be a relaxing weekend getaway!

Book an ATV ride from Goibibo or MakeMyTrip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the best gift for Valentine's Day for her? 

A1. You have numerous options to make your better half feel special on Valentine's Day. Gifting something functional which makes their life easier is the best gift for Valentine's Day.

Q2. How can I make this 2021 Valentine's week special for my wife? 

A2. You can give your wife a break from all household chores. Cooking her favorite dish every day is the most special Valentine's week that you can give your wife.

Q3. What is the best gift for Valentine's day for him? 

A3. Choose something that stands out from the usual. A gift of utility is something which is appreciated the most.

Q4. What is the best first Valentine's Day gift for boyfriend? 

A4. If this is your first Valentine's Day with your boyfriend and you have spend an entire year with him. A time-specific gift would be the best one. A customized beer mug with a beautiful quote that appreciates the time you spent together.

Q5. Do Boyfriends/husbands like thoughtful gifts?

A5. No matter for how long you have been together, one can never go wrong with a thoughtful gift.

I won’t ask you to buy these gifts right away. I would rather want you to think about your better half and what can be the best gift for him or her.

And if you already have a thought, I would love to hear about it. Hope you liked my choices for gifts. 😊

And if you’ve already bought any of these, bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

Don’t keep gift ideas to yourself. Let everyone enjoy the exhilaration!

Stay Tuned!

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Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day! (Valentine Week, too)!

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