The Blimeys - Maa - Anshulika Bansal

Mother...God's beautiful creation on Earth....

She is the embodiment of selfless and unconditional and care.....
Well, I think  there are no words and even if there are then also they would not suffice to give justice in describing her level of benevolence and sacrifices which she makes to bring us up. I would not say my mother is the best because every mother on this planet is the best and I feel this word "best" is also not sufficient in her praise. She is a friend when every friend turns their backs on us. Whenever, we are in a room full of negativity, she is the one whose mere sight or her voice makes us cautiously optimistic. The bond which is forged between a mother and a child is divine and is not one that could be broken by absence, distance or time.

I wanted to sing to my mother....To let her know how much I love her. I love her more than everything else in the world that  combined but when ever I tried to put my love for her into words I was disappointed by myself...I remember whenever I used to be in tears, you were the one who comes to me, wipe my tears off....and give me strength to fight with this brutal world....
There was an incident which is very touching for me.
It's the time when I was fighting that I didn't want to pursue engineering and I was so adamant that I was ready to do anything. I have a great fear for maths and due to his trivial reason I was on the verge of putting my career at stake. Fighting and giving reasons  to almost everyone in my family and then again fighting with my own self conscience my life became a moonless night. Very dark. But there were stars-points of light and reason....And then she shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire. There was brilliancy, there was beauty. I told my fears to her and she listened so quietly without interrupting which made me feel as if a friend is sitting next to me who do not have a voice but have the audacity to understand my feelings. There were stages  in our conversation where I was offensive and I started accusing her for pushing me to study those damn subjects in which I lack interest plus the capability to cope up with them. Neither any word escaped from her mouth to which now I think that there should had been a retort to my adverbs nor any  frown line encroached across her forehead.
After listening to me she just hugged me and patted me with all her love and affection. She showered love upon me. After a while she started explaining me line by line that why should I not give up on engineering. She was convinced by my ability to write  as I wanted to be a writer since I held a pencil in my hand but still she totally disagreed on giving up on mathematics. She is also a writer at heart. She is the one who taught me to put my thoughts into words but she is also excellent in mathematics. She made me understand that there should be a stable source of income in the long run and also she explained me to be wise in choosing between my hobby and courier. Hobbies are sometimes meant to remain a hobby because they are the source to fill a person with new excitement, a source to which we  can rely on to ensure that we are not getting bored with our own life. In this era, a stable source to earn is very important. She was the one to inspire me to at least try solving those scary mathematics problems and now I am in my third year of engineering plus a blogger and in future I want to be a successful engineer and a writer side by side. Who knows, you might be having my book in your hands.

Whether it is day or night you were there for me. I had tears in my eyes when I saw her putting on her spectacles and doing sums for me, reading my damn mechanics book, explaining the laws of motions for which I curse newton every time when I have to come across them. I felt ashamed of my behaviour. The tantrums, the venom which I spat on her while expressing my whole agenda of leaving engineering made me feel as if I am something that should be burned in hell. I wish that the ground onto which I am standing would open and I  can walk into hell. There is no punishment on this Earth that could compensate with this sin.
She has her own life which she was sacrificing for me who did not even care. She was on her sick leave from her office just for me. She got her salary to be cut off for a day for me. And I, was busy brooding over this engineering stuff. From that day I promised myself that no matter what I will never give up.

 I  am really grateful to God for giving everybody this gift of being loved at least once in their whole lifetime without any ulterior motive.

Here, is a short poem written by my friend... He posted this on Facebook and now I am posting it here. I was so tempted to post this here because this was the poem which really brought tears to me. Seeing the love for his mother really touched me and I  had a strong desire to surprise him by putting his post here.
So, here it goes-

Aaj woh baat yaad hai
Bachpan ki kai saari yaadien hain,
masrufiyat k jaale mein uljhi hui,
kabhi waqt nhi milta,to kya woh baatein yaad nhi?

mene jb se hosh sambhala hai,
parchaiyon me apne aks uska hi paaya hai.
Kadi dhoop me jese woh,
Bargad k ped ka saaya hai.
Kai saari yaadien hain,
par aaj ek baat yaad hai.
Inn choti hateliyon me jab,
Taaliyon ki taaqat na thi,
Tab pakad uske anchal ko mutthi me hmne,
bachpan ka bht lutf uthaya hai
Ladkhadate kadmo ko jazba deti,
kabhi daant-ti, toh kbhi sarahti,
aaj b woh awaaz yaad hai.
Batane ka waqt nhi milta toh kya,
Aaj b , woh baat yaad hai.
Jab nanhi ungliyon se ishara na hota tha,
Aur woh apni parwaah kiye bina,
garm khichdi k niwaala hotho se phoonk k khilaati thi,
Batane ka waqt nhi milta toh kya,
Aaj b woh baat yaad hai

Woh teri sahi hui taqleef yaad hai.
Laakhon shararaton ko jhelti,
liye labon pe, woh muskaan yaad hai.
Taqleef me meri,
woh aankhe me tere nami yaad hai.
Batane ka  aaj waqt nhi milta toh kya,
Aaj b teri har woh baat yaad hai.
Karodon lafz keh chuka hoon,
kai baat bol chuka hoon,
par na jaane kyu,
aaj b liya hua woh pehla naam yaad hai,
woh kaha pehla alfaaz yaad hai,
'Ammi', aaj woh nhi milta toh kya hua,
Teri har baat yaad hai.                                         ~Ambar Jalees Ahmad