Low Budget Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend's Birthday

Low Budget Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend's Birthday

I know, your best friend means the world to you. 

It is through her that you know what friendship means and she has always been there for you. Be it your cribbing over a crush, or the notes that you needed for your last night studies. 

And, when her birthday is round the corner, you have to gift her something memorable, something that is affordable yet heartfelt. You know your friend better than anyone else and you know what gifts she would love. But I also know that it becomes difficult to choose one from a pool of available gifts online. 

And, it is even harder to make one. Just like chandler tried everything but he couldn’t make a gift for Monica (and ended up giving her mixed tape that was made by Janice). Remember?

Do not worry, I have created a list of low budget gift ideas that you can give your best friend on her birthday. These are heartfelt, memorable and lovely at the same time.

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Low Budget Gift Ideas To Make Your Best Friend’s Birthday Memorable 

It is a sweet gesture that you wish to make your best friend’s birthday memorable and special. I understand, choosing a gift is overwhelming and obviously, you do not want to gift her something usual like a coffee mug, flowers or chocolates. 

Well, you can never go wrong with creative gifting ideas as they always are personalized and show that you care.

1. Personalized Key Holder 

Well, anything that has her name on it is bound to make her feel happy. A personalized key holder with her name would be a budgeted surprise for her on her birthday. 

It would help her be organized and find her keys where she left. You know, I always had this trouble finding my keys because I never knew where I left them. And, man, I would juggle with my pile of clothes on the chair and the stuff on the table. 

Also, this wall hanging key holder would make her remember you every time she sees it.

You can buy this from - FernsNPetals

2. A Set of Scrunchies 

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You can never go wrong with a set of scrunchies. Any girl who has long hair or even short hair, they require scrunchies to hold their hair at one place. 

Although you can find various scrunchies at your nearby shops, it is always recommended to buy those scrunchies who are a little unusual and are hard to find. This way, you’ll be able to make her know that you care and make her smile. 

As a woman, I know scrunchies could be a very useful gift. To that surprise effect, you can always include a personalized note for her. 

3. A Set of Scented Candles 

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Birthdays without candles look dull, right? You know, your friend loves to decorate her room with scented candles. It is the right time to gift her something that she would enjoy in her sweet corner of the house. 

Everybody has a corner in their room where they could sit for hours. What if that corner becomes more attractive and more beautiful? Candles, windchimes and a small lamp always do the work. 

It would be a nice touch to gift your best friend something that she is going to enjoy for a long time even when her birthday is over. 

4. A Uniquely Handcrafted Handbag 

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Handbags and women have a unique relationship. A woman can never resist a handbag that is lovely and looks really cool when she carries it. 

If not handbags, cool wallets could be her thing. 

Budget-friendly handbags made from cotton and jute are the best gift that you can give on her birthday and see her jumping in joy upon receiving it.

5. A Photo Album 

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Photo memories are always the last escape if you can’t think of a creative gift idea for your girl best friend’s birthday. 

A photo album can be customized in a budget as the cost depends on the number of photos you include in it. Hence, I would suggest, choose some of the memorable moments from your camera roll and get it printed on a photo paper. Decorate it with various artificial flowers and write some cute messages under the photos. 

This is surely the best and most memorable gift idea for your best friend’s birthday.

6. Handmade Bows 

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 To a friend who loves to adorn her hair with different types of accessories, handmade bows are one of a kind. 

Here, I am not asking you to make one for your friend as I know how difficult it must be, though, if you know how to make one, you can (you should). 

I know a place where they make these handmade bows using the cutest fabric ever. You can search on their website and choose a set of bows or other hair accessories from their website.

7. Best Friends Fashion Jewelery 

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 Now, I am not asking you to gift a thick shiny ‘Best Buds’ bracelet just like Joey did for Chandler. 

I want you to think about your best friend and how she adorns her with dainty neck pieces. If she loves it, you can always gift her a dainty fashion jewelry that she is surely going to flaunt with her dresses. 

I know I would enjoy fashion jewelry gifted to me on my birthday as I love to collect these and wear them according to my dresses and the occasion. 

Most women love it!

Bonus Low-Budget Gift Ideas For Your Girl Best Friend’s Birthday 

Personalized Caricature

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 Well, caricatures are the best gift these days. Reason is that they are new, customized, decorative and heart touching. They are made of wood and resemble your friend in some or the other way. 

Getting a small ‘Best Friends Forever’ or any small message on the wood along with the caricature looks wonderful when you gift this to your friend. She can place it on her study table, or maybe the work table. 

She would remember you for a long time and this is for sure.

Affordable Gift Idea To Make Your Best Friend Feel Special On Her Birthday 


The Blimeys Box Of Joy 

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 Well, if you need a themed box customized as per the like of your friend. You can choose a box and fill it up with everything she loves. 

This would be a mini hamper and you can order this from ‘The Blimeys’. 

This mini hamper contains a notepad (her name on the cover page), a mini letter where you can mention all of your special memories with her, and personalized bookmarks. 

If you wish, you can add a little photo memory in it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are small gifts that I can gift to my friend on her birthday? 

A. Well, when it comes to gifting, I can understand it is quite tricky. The aforementioned gifts above are all in a budget and cute enough to make your friend go ‘awwww’..

Q. What should I gift my girl best friend?

A. Gifting something thoughtful to your friend would be a great idea. Instead of gifting something usual like coffee mugs, chocolates and other stuff, gift something unique.

Q. What is a cheap best gift that I can gift to my best friend? 

A. You can check the above mentioned gift options that are affordable and low-budget. All unique and thoughtful gift items are sure to make your bestie smile. 

Q. How do you make your best friend’s birthday special? 

A. Well, I can totally understand how bad you wanna surprise your best friend on her birthday. Always choose a thoughtful gift which is sure to be unique and unique gifts always makes people feel special.

Q. How do I get a cheap gift for my best friend's birthday? 

A. Thoughtful gifts can always come in a budget. Well, you do not need to worry. The aforementioned gifts are low-budget yet unique in nature. 

Final Words 

I hope you liked my choices of the low-budget gifts for your best friend's birthday. If so, please do let me know on LinkedIn- Anshulika Bansal

Now, if you have something else in mind, do let me know! I would love to know your views as well. 

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Wish your best friend a very Happy Birthday Day on my behalf. 

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This article was updated on July 18, 2021

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