6+ Creative Gift Ideas for your Best Friend's 18th Birthday


Birthdays are special, no matter what age! 

But for a teenager, their eighteenth birthday is special. 

People cross several milestones as they grow...Right from their childhood, they learn how to cycle, how to read, how to write, how to speak and finally, how to grow into adulthood. When you turn 18, it means you are about to be an adult. 

It is the first step where you experience independence. Taking wrong decisions, failing in something that you truly believed in, your first heartbreak and many more. If I go on, there are various things I went through when I turned 18. And, I am sure that everyone goes through the same. It is scary but if you put this in another way, it's actually quite liberating. 

Here’s to growing up, Dhriti from the famous Amazon Prime Series ‘The Family Man’ is surely relatable: 

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Creative Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend’s 18th Birthday

I think I’ve made my point on why an 18th birthday for someone is really special. Now, coming back to the topic of what you can gift your friend who is turning 18 soon, I think you should gift something which is equally special. 

Soon, your best friend might be leaving for college in a different city and you might not meet her this often. A gift that is thoughtful, memorable and inspiring is what you should gift your best friend so that neither you nor the birthday is forgotten for a long time.

1. Your Story In A Book

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How cute it is to get a book that has your friendship story in it? Your special memories with your best friend, the story of how you became friends and a promise that this isn’t going to end. Wow! What a moving gift this can be. 

Painting a picture of all your best moments in a book is something overwhelming. I am sure your best friend will have tears of joy. I know, mine did! Hehehe! 

Oh, you are not good at arts? No worries, you can order your book from Duck Duck Story. You can reach them through their Instagram page and let them know the details required to make this beautiful graphic book for your best friend’s 18th birthday. 

2. Mini Photo Album 

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 Long gone are the days where you gift photo frames to your friends. These mini photo albums are something new, unique, heart touching and a little personal. It contains short messages along with the photographs and gives a nice touch to your gift. 

Gifting memories is always a caring way to let someone know what they mean to you in your life. A mini photo album with sweet messages can be an amazing gift idea for your friend’s 18th birthday. 

You can always make this photo album through various youtube videos on DIY photo albums. And, if you do not have the time or need help from the experts, you can always choose to buy it. 

3. Fairy Lights in a Bottle 

Well, I tell you, a nice home decor is never a bad idea when it comes to gifting. This is an affordable gift idea that you can make yourself. 

All you’ve to do is go to your nearby light shop and ask for fairy lights. Choose any of your liking, buy a glass jar or maybe a transparent plastic bottle and place the fairy lights inside the bottle. Or, you can always order it from Amazon

Do not forget to get this one packed in a unique way. There are many youtube videos that you can watch and get the packing done into something equally special. Here’s the link: Click Here

4. Resin Bookmarks 

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 Well, if your friend is a person who is a bookworm, bookmarks are a nice gift idea. These are not ordinary ones but a unique twist to older ones. 

You can always get these personalized by adding little quotes that your friend loves the most. Or, you can add a little glitter, dried flowers to make it look more lively. 

Coming from a bookworm, I tell you, this is one of the best gift you can give to your friend on her 18th birthday. Choose around 5-6 bookmarks and I am sure your friend is gonna love it. Also, she is going to remember you for a long time. 

5. Multi-Purpose Laptop Table 

Multi-purpose table

You can never go wrong with a useful gift idea. Considering it one of the best gift ideas for your friend’s 18th birthday, you can always club this table with a box of easy to make coffee sachets or green tea sachets. 

The table isn’t hard to find, your nearby furniture store might have it, or if you want this to get delivered to your friend’s place, you can order it from Amazon, your ‘Apni Dukaan’. 

Bonus Gift Idea For Your Best Friend’s 18th Birthday 

A Digital Portrait 

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Well, a digital sketch portrait is always the best gift idea when you wish your friend to go ‘awwww’.. 

Trust me, I gave a digital portrait to my friend last year and she was so happy upon receiving it. She called me and I could actually see how happy and surprised she was. I chose the most beautiful pic of her and sent it to papervapors. They pulled out the job in the most amazing manner and the portrait looked so real that it was hard to make the difference. 

Digital portrait is a little different from the normal photo frames and this is why it is a special, unique and thoughtful gift idea for your best friend’s 18th birthday. 

How To Make Your Best Friend’s 18th Birthday Special?

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Your best friend really means a lot to you. Right? And, you want her to remember you for a long time. 

What more can be great than a promise of a lifelong friendship? So, you can get a friendship contract prepared by 'The Blimeys' that you can send along with your other surprises that you’ve planned for your friend’s birthday. 

A short letter with a promise of your lifelong friendship is surely going to make your best friend feel important and will show how much your friends mean to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. What should I gift to my best friend on her birthday?

A. The above mentioned gift ideas are your go-to options when you are looking for unique gift ideas for your best friend. These gifts are one of a kind and you do not usually find them in stores. 

Q. What should I get my best friend for her 18th birthday?

A. Birthdays are special and especially 18th birthdays. I can understand choosing a perfect gift for your best friend can be a hard task. I suggest you choose a unique, thoughtful and special gift which is going to make her feel cared for. 

Q. What is the best gift I can give my crush on her 18th birthday that doesn't cost me any money? 

A. The best gift you can give your crush is a DIY gift that is not going to cost you any money. If you want to gift her something virtually, send her a digital greeting card or a lifetime friendship contract via email. 

Q. What is the best intangible birthday gift for someone’s 18th birthday?

A. If you wish to gift your friend any intangible gift, I would suggest you give your time. These days giving time to a relationship is a big deal. Just take out a day and make your friend feel special. Go out for a coffee, or lunch and talk for infinite times. 

Q. What can I give my best friend on his 18th birthday? He is really close to me and I want to make his birthday special? 

A. You can choose any gift mentioned above as they are unique, thoughtful and are bound to make your friend feel special on his 18th birthday. 

Final Words 

I hope you liked the gifts mentioned above. And, I am sure you are going to try at least one gift this year. 

Now, if you have something else in mind, do let me know! I would love to know your views as well. Reach out to me on my LinkedIn: Anshulika Bansal

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Wish your best friend a very Happy 18th Birthday Day on my behalf. 

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This article was updated on July 18, 2021

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