Best Mother's Day Gifts For Your Mom- Mother's Day 2021


“Is baar mummy k liye kuch special karna hai…!”

I understand that this mother’s day, you wish to make your mom forget all her worries (You know she is always worried about you). And, have just one day where she could feel special, loved and cared for.

It takes to be a mother to entirely understand a mother. A mother never puts up her expectations but, she has done so much for you all her life (she is still doing). Hence, she deserves a little attention from your end.

Thankfully, this Mother’s day you can take out some time from your busy life and give her what she has always wished for. Let this day be a day, just for her!

Wondering what you should do for your mother? Or what really can make your mother feel special and loved, just the way she does to you?

No worries, here is a short guide to make you find a perfect gift for your mother. 

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Thoughtful Gifts For Your Lovely Mother

You already know that she doesn’t want chocolates, cakes or a teddy bear. Right? Yes, you have the option of gifting her jewelry but I think, is this something usual?

A gift wherein you put some thoughts is surely going to make your mother feel happy.

Don’t you want to gift her a beautiful memory of this day?

Let’s make this mother’s day special by bringing thoughtful gifts which are surely going to make this day special for her.

1. Gift Her A StayCation

Your mom deserves some ‘me’ time where she can go out with her friends and enjoy a holiday that she has always wanted. Giving her a break from the daily household chores is one of the biggest gestures that you can gift in the year, 2021.

She must have expressed her desire to visit a place in your city during a random conversation with you. Try to remember a time, where there was a glimpse of an awesome tourist place while watching a video or an advertisement. And remember the joy she had in her eyes while talking about it.

Now, you don’t have to feel guilty that you did not notice this. You can always ask her (be subtle and make it a surprise) and make arrangements for the same.

Back in 2019, I gifted my mom a staycation that I booked on Skyscanner for her. Just got out the print of the details of her stay in the city on a paper and called her best friend (my Mausi) to accompany her.

Guess what, I sent both of them to a theme park where they had a lot to talk about their lives and enjoy the day relaxing by the pool.

I tell you, what joy they had when I gifted them in the evening! They needed to leave in the morning. The house bustled with the joy of packing stuff, and I can’t forget that day! (I hope she also didn’t).

2. A Coffee Date With Her

Your busy life has always taken a toll on the best of your times spent with your family. Break the rut, and make some time for your mother (because she always has time for you).

Who doesn’t love coffee? Take her to a coffee date with you. Choose a place which has more greenery and an open space. Enjoy the time with her, talk to her and here, you can gift her something just to make her day extra special.

Omg! I remember the day when I was in college and I saved my entire pocket money just to take her to one of the finest coffee places in the city. With the help of my father who chipped in some bucks, I bought her a bracelet from Sia, art jewellery.

Now, you know your mother better than anyone. You can choose a design that would look best on her. Or gift her something entirely different from jewellery.

Note: Please do not use mobile phones during the coffee date with her! Strictly Prohibited!

3. A Scrapbook of Memories

Obviously, you have some beautiful memories with her during your childhood. Why not cherish those memories and make her remember the good old days!

Beautiful messages for her to read, cute notes to remind her how special she is in your life and most importantly, photos that backs up your messages would be a great idea. You must have a family album, you can take some photos out and get it developed again to use it in your memory scrapbook.

And, here I am not asking you to do all the craft work because I understand, even though I am bad at it.

If I were to create something of my own, I’ll end up like Monica who prepared the speech on her parents 35th anniversary!


But don’t worry, you can order your scrap book of memories from numerous Instagram pages. 

4. Unusual Fridge Magnets

I know what you are thinking.

Gifting fridge magnets to a mother are cliché and besides, it is a gift for a friend!

No, I tell you there are fridge magnets with a twist, you can gift them to your mom and I promise, she’ll be more than happy.

I was searching on what to buy for my mom and I found an Instagram page where the owner makes these cute little fridge magnets that instantly caught my attention.

Such a design with so much precision, I can totally understand what hard work it takes for the owner to make them!

These little magnets took my mom’s heart and she placed it on her almirah in her room, instead of the fridge! And she really, really adored them! I have planned to order more for her so that she can place some of them in the fridge as well.

You can buy them from their Instagram Page: Sueno Souvenir 

5. Unique Home Decor Items 

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Is your mom a fan of sustainable and upcycled home décor?

If yes, there is an interesting development in the home décor products. You can turn an empty wall in your home into a style statement space.

Moreover, you can buy cosmetic organizers that are made up of different colour ropes and they are sure to light up your home with such vibrant energy.

Also, you can search for a storage pouffe which is a storage unit and serves as an extra seating in your mom’s bedroom.

6. A Set Of Customized Handmade Soaps

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When you give a customized set of handmade soap for your mom, she is going to jump with joy. Often, bathing for a mother is a hurried task as she needs to take care of other household chores.

Why not make her bathing time soothing with handmade soaps that offer her skin, much-needed care and nourishment. You can buy a basket from any store nearby and decorate it with LED lights. Put her favourite snacks in it and gift her a set of handmade soaps with it.

You can also choose to give her some nourishing oils or moisturizers instead of snacks! This is totally your choice, you can customize it according to your mother’s choices and what deems fit to your budget!

7. A Decorated Gift Hamper of All Her Favorites

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You can never go wrong with a gift hamper packed with love and all her favorites!

You can choose it to be a vanity gift hamper with her most liked beauty products, skin or hair care products or make it a little personal with short messages blended with photographs of your good old days with her.

You can choose on what type of gift hamper, your mother would appreciate the most!

Let me tell you what I did. Firstly, I bought a big wooden box from a gift shop nearby, decorated with a coloured paper, got some crafted hearts from the same shop and pasted on the top with a note, ‘You are the only love of my life’.

Inside were decorated with photographs, LED lights, handmade chocolates, a box of green tea bags, an Ayurvedic herb known to cure her joint pains, a fruity perfume that has a wonderful fragrance and a hydrating face mask from Nykaa.

Lovely, isn’t it?

8. Body Massager for Pain Relief

Dr Physio Electric Full Body Massager For Pain Relief of Back, Leg & Foot

If you wish to give her something functional that makes her life better, body massager it is!

A body massager relieves joint pains, relaxes the nervous system and in return, it boosts the immune system.

Now, you should choose a massager that has extra functions like vibrations and heating system as it takes body massaging a notch higher. The effect is not similar to a body massage session that you book in spas but it is a good alternative.

Why not give such a thoughtful gift to your mother that provides health benefits to her?

After all, health is what brings happiness!

I bought Dr. Physio Electric Full Body Massager for Pain Relief of Back, Leg & Foot which is an amazing body massager from Amazon.

9. A Digital Sketch Portrait

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Your mom is beautiful, right? 

You have seen in movies where a song is being played and the male protagonist gives her girl a portrait just to remind her that she is beautiful.

I tell you, every woman needs validation that she is beautiful. And when it comes from you, her child, it becomes extra special and memorable.

A digital sketch portrait is a great idea as it gives a similar look as a hand drawn one. But that is obviously your choice, you can find an artist who draws the most perfect sketches by hand.

10. Gift Her A Spa Date 

gift her a spa date

There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than a spa and if you convince your mom to be in a spa centre for an entire day (because my mom needs convincing), it will be a complete mother’s day for her.

A spa centre offers numerous other activities other than a usual spa, and I think this is the best way you can pamper her. Yes, your mom deserves some pampering too.

I tell you, I don’t look for any special day to pamper my mom. So, it was a usual day for us and I sent her off to a spa for a complete body spa. And, in the evening when she came home, I made awesome cupcakes for her (absolutely no mess in the kitchen, of course) just like that!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Should I get my mom for mother’s day 2021?

A1. Well, you should do something for her so that she gets a day for herself. You can choose any aforementioned thoughtful gifts for your mother.

Q2. How do I make a beautiful mother’s day gift?

A1. There is always DIY stuff on Youtube that you can check and make a gift for your mother. But I will suggest, make this memorable by gifting her something thoughtful.

Q3. What can I send instead of flowers on Mother’s Day?

A3. There are multiple options with which you can make this mother’s day 2021 special for her. Some of thoughtful gifts are mentioned above that you can send her instead of flowers.

Q4. What is the best mother’s day gift?

A4. A thoughtful gift is the best mother’s gift with which you can show your mother that she is special in your life.

Q5. What Should I get my 80 year old mother for mother’s day?

A5. You can give her any thoughtful gift on mother’s day. In the blog above, you can choose a perfect gift for your 80 year old mother.

I won’t ask you to buy these gifts right away. I would rather want you to think about your mother and what can be the best gift for her.

And if you already have a thought, I would love to hear about it. Hope you liked my choices for gifts. 😊

And if you’ve already bought any of these, bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

Don’t keep gift ideas to yourself. Let everyone enjoy the exhilaration!

Stay Tuned!

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Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! (And your Mom, too)!

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