Best Corporate Gifts Ideas For International Women’s Day 2021


Well, you have a small business or a large enterprise and you watch all these beautiful ladies working really hard for your dream to come true.

I know, it's international women’s day. Now, you want to let them feel how important they are for your company. On this special occasion, it is essential that you gift them something unique yet functional, making their life better at work or while working from home.

Women sacrifice a lot while being at work. And who doesn’t want a workplace where they are celebrated and recognized for.

Hence, letting these women know how special they are, is important if you want to build relations and make your women employees feel happy while working for you. 

Thinking about what you should buy for such amazing women on a budget while making them feel special, recognized and cared?

Do not worry, here is a short and sweet guide that is going to make you choose that one special gift for all your women employees.

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Thoughtful Corporate Gifts For International Women’s Day- Gifts For Her

Who wants flowers, chocolates, cupcakes, coffee mugs as a gift these days? On the other hand, giving out appraisal letters, incentives or any other monetary benefits is quite common. 

Do you want to make them discuss it with their other friends, “Oh, my boss gave me this unusual gift other than normal stuff. And, I love it while I am at work”?

A thoughtful corporate gift gives the best memory of the day and also makes these amazing ladies super happy.

Let’s make this women’s day special by empowering them and making them realize their importance. Obviously, women are essential. In life, in business!

1- Work From Home Essentials

Every woman has struggled while working from home (and, you know that) in 2020 and we just bid adieu to the year. Also, we can’t deny the fact that working from home is the new normal now and there can be more days when women are working from home.

Why not, gift them something which makes their work a little easier and the best at-office experience at home?

You can always gift them customized foldable storage bags, personalized sipper, customized pen sets, diary or year planners, cable organizers, succulents (work table décor) or more.

Depending upon your budget, you can choose to give them a women’s day gift hamper combining 2-3 things mentioned above or you can give them just one of the many.

Last year, I received a Jade plant (succulent) and an appreciation letter accompanied with a sunflower on this occasion from the firm I work for. It was a delightful day for me with all the arrangements done especially for us at the office.

You can place your orders at: Ferns N Petals

2- Handwritten Appreciation Letters

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Let’s dive into the little old school vibes where handwritten letters had their own charm giving them a personalized touch as well as showing how special the person is.

Obviously, there can’t be a women’s day where there is no recognition for star women employees in your firm. And, giving appreciation letters is a kind of gesture that every company follows.

So, let’s take this a notch higher by handing over handwritten appreciation letters to these special women working hard to make your business a brand!


Now, I am asking you to write them all by yourself. There is always a right person for this. You can ask any employee who has the best handwriting to write some words of appreciation (Approved by you) on brown paper which is a little burnt on the edges. You can pack these letters in another brown paper (individually) and wrap it with the help of brown strings.

You are all set for this international women’s day gifting arena!

Note: Do not forget to sign these letters on your name or your company’s name.

3- Colourful Table Organizers

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You can never go wrong with table organizers! A perfectly organized and clean table is what makes work streamlined.

You can get these organizers customized with your brand’s logo colours and this will look great at every table in your office. This will be a beautiful office décor and an awesome gift for women.

These table organizers are surely going to light up your office with a colourful and vibrant energy making work extra exciting.

4- Custom Sketched Fantasy Frames

A custom sketched fantasy frame is a special gift for women’s day that a woman is going to love, like really loooveeee!

It is cute, new and awesome! They can carry it back at their home or they can keep it on their work desks. Both ways, this is going to be the best and something unique that is going to cheer them up.

You can always get these customized according to the job roles of women employees in your company. It will give a personalized and a comic twist to your women’s day gift idea in the office.

5- Personalized Wooden Pen Stands

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Pen stands are a budget yet utility gift for your employees. I know, there usually is a pen stand on each table but don’t you think, when you personalize them, it becomes a sweet gesture.

You can always get them customized and make them a little amusing through some quirky titles for your employees. Instead of just the employee name, you can get those titles engraved which becomes the best gift on women’s day.

Well, there are wooden stands that have a mobile space, pen space (obviously), calendar or a small clock attached to it.

You can choose a pen stand according to your budget and become famous among your female employees!

Note: Do not forget to engrave your company’s logo on the pen stand!

Well, if you're tired, you can take a power nap and then continue reading my blog to find out the perfect gift idea for women's day! 


6- Customized Pen Drives

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Gifting pen drives can never grow old or come out of fashion. Yes, it is a usual gift but also something functional to gift your employees.

Pen drives always come in handy even in the world of cloud storage when you need to transfer data offline. After all, pen drives have always been a saviour!

You can combine this customized pen drive with a cute note and a pack of 2-4 flowers! Placing them on the tables of these beautiful women before they arrive would be a pleasant surprise for them!

Isn’t it great?

7- Special Gift Hamper for Women

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If you have a budget and you really want to give out some gift hampers for your star employees, you can choose a customized gift hamper for the same.

Obviously, every woman is special but appreciation to those who have worked hard holds the utmost importance on this women’s day. So, you can go for budgeted gifts for all employees and a gift hamper for hard-working women in your company.

This gift hamper can have glasses, customized water bottles, Hershey’s kisses, special messages or cute motivational notes. I am sure it will do wonders to boost their morale (especially, self-esteem) and they will surely feel recognized.

8- A Basket of Handmade Dessert Soaps

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Yes, you read it right! Dessert soaps!

This is something new, affordable and lovely.

See, I know this is something unprofessional to gift a woman on women’s day. But, I tell you, my boss gifted us these soaps in a small decorated basket and we were loving it.

It took our bathing experience a notch higher! Often, bathing is a hurried task for women as they need to rush to their offices. This soothing gift will surely remind how a woman should never take her skin for granted.

You can choose whipped soaps containing essential oils to nourish and keep their skin hydrated.

9. DIY Bottle Table Lamps 

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Table lamps can never lose their charm! And, home decor is never a bad idea when you are going to gift it to a woman!

DIY bottle lamps on the bedside table look awesome and give the room an aesthetic appeal (the dream of every woman). These lamps can be used to decorate their dining tables, reviving the whole dining experience. 

Affordable prices, and the spectacular designs have made these bottle lamps, the new favorite items for decorating homes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1- What is the best gift for a woman on international women’s day?

A.1- Thoughtful gifts are always the best. A woman feels happy when you gift her something special and unique. You can choose a best suited gift from the list mentioned above.

Q.2- What gifts do woman love?

A.2- A thoughtful, unique and a special gift is what a woman loves. Combine it with a surprise and you can make your gift extra special for her.

Q.3 – What do you get a woman on international women’s day?

A.3- There are various gifts that you can choose to gift a woman on international women’s day. Accompany your gifts with mimosa flowers (flower for women’s day) as a symbol of strength, sensibility and sensitivity.

Q.4- What do you say to a woman on international women’s day?

A.4- Well, you wish her happy women’s day. Also, you can give her a mimosa flower to greet her and make her feel special.

Q.5- What theme should I keep at my office to make women’s day special?

A.5- A purple colour theme is a great idea as it is a colour of loyalty, dignity and self-respect.

I am surely not anticipating that you buy these gifts right away. I would rather want you to think about your women employees, their hard work and what can be the best gift for them. 

And if you already have a thought, I would love to hear about it. Hope you liked my choices for gifts. 😊

And if you’ve already bought any of these, bookmark this page and share it with your friends.

Don’t keep gift ideas to yourself. Let everyone enjoy the exhilaration!

Stay Tuned!

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Wish you a International Women's Day! (To All Your Women Employees as well)

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This article was updated on June 23, 2021

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