Ashwagandha: Clinical Trials By AYUSH Ministry


The Union Government of India has announced that the health ministry has already started the clinical trials of traditional medicines- Ashwagandha, Giloy and Mulethi to treat COVID-19.

Union Health Minister, Dr. Harsh Vardhan says, “The clinical trials of AYUSH medicines like Ashwagandha, Yashtimadhu, Guduchi Pippali, Ayush-64 on health workers and those working in high risk areas has begun from today."

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What is Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha is a plant-based herb which is used as a traditional Indian medicine to restore your body function. It is commonly known as Indian Ginseng or Winter Cherry and is originated from ‘Ashwagandha Plant’ that belongs to nightshade family.

The roots and leaves of this plant are used for their exemplary medicinal properties that cures your body from within. Moreover, this herb can be consumed in the form of capsules, tablets or powder form which is easily available in the market.

Things to Know About Ashwagandha

Well, these are well-researched properties of Ashwagandha that are concluded long back.

  • Hormone balancing (which is why it is recommended for PCOD/PCOS patients)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Adaptogen
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-parasitic
  • Potentially neuroprotective
  • Rich source of iron
  • Contains amino acids
  • Has fatty acids

Benefits of Ashwagandha You Should Know

Ashwagandha has a lot of benefits and which is why it is one of the traditional medicines chosen for clinical trials to treat Coronavirus. Let us take a look on the benefits of Ashwagandha:

Helps in Weight Loss

Ashwagandha is a panacea for people who are over-weighted as it is likely to kill fat cells by reducing their synthesis. The root extract of Ashwagandha helps in weight management as well. This root extract is available in the form of tablets or powder form that you can consume and take a step forward towards your healthy weight loss journey.

Most importantly, according to a research paper by ‘Journal of Evidence Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine’, psychological stress is the root cause of weight gain and obesity where Ashwagandha root extract curbs the production of stress hormone ‘Cortisol’ and therefore, aids in reducing your weight.

Fights Infection- Primary Reason for Ashwagandha Clinical Trials

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Ashwagandha helps produce anti-bodies in your body that helps fight infection in an effective way. A study published in North American Journal of Medical sciences concludes that “Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic botanical grown in India that is revered for its ability to balance, energize, rejuvenate, and revitalize.”

Curbs Anxiety and Stress

Ashwagandha helps provide the much-needed resistance towards stress hormone, ‘Cortisol’. It is beneficial in calming the moods of people consuming it daily and improving their quality of life. The National University of Natural Medicine concludes after a detailed study of Ashwagandha and its effects that the root extract helps reduce the secretion of ‘Cortisol’ from the adrenal glands.

Boosts Immunity in Your Body- Primary Reason for Ashwagandha Clinical Trials

Stress and anxiety take a toll over your immune system. As a result, it lowers your immunity. Ashwagandha is an elixir in combating stress helps boosts your immune system. Firstly, reduced blood pressure, a significant reduction in cholesterol levels and in hypertension makes your body function properly. Secondly, it channels the energy of your body to make anti-bodies that helps fight viruses and infections. According to a study in ‘National University of Natural Medicine’, Ashwagandha boosts immunity when combined with milk.

Treats Infertility

Ashwagandha has proven benefits to improve your sexual life. In males, the root extract is beneficial in improving the levels of testosterone and aiding in enhancing their sexual competence. And in females, Ashwagandha helps in keeping their ovaries healthy thereby, treating infertility. Furthermore, the level of relaxation provided by the soothing properties of Ashwagandha keeps infertility at bay in both males and females.

Enhances Brain Functions

Ashwagandha when consumed on a daily basis is said to enhance your cognitive functioning of your brain. One tablespoon a day might help in improving your memory and mental capabilities. In addition to this, increasing focus in your daily chores is an added advantage. According to a research paper, ‘African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines’, Indian Ginseng is a nervine tonic and prevents a wide range of brain diseases.

Improves Energy Levels

Most of the time your fitness regime gets hampered due to your dropped energy levels. When your body system is weak and your immune system is harmed by pathogens, your body turns on its survival mode where fat burning is no longer a priority. Moreover, in such circumstances, your weight loss journey goes for a toss and in addition to this, you may aggravate your normal body function.

How To Consume Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha has a bitter taste which is why most of the people are not able to consume it in raw form.

  • Buy Ashwagandha tablets from a good and reliable brand which is FSSAI certified
  • Mix Ashwagandha powder in a cup of warm milk and have it every night before sleeping
  • Have it with honey so that the bitter taste is diluted and does not stress out your palate
  • Alternatively, the most used method is to gulp it down with a glass of water.

However, it is recommended that you consume it in a tablet form which is effective and the most convenient way. Furthermore, it doesn't even leave an after-taste on your taste buds.

Where to Buy?

In conclusion, this is why, Ayush Ministry started Ashwagandha clinical trials to treat COVID-19. In other words, it is indeed a panacea if it proves to be one in the trials.

Wishing for a speedy vaccine production so that we can finally bid adieu to Coronavirus.

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