Book Review - "The Serpentine Scrolls"

The Blimeys - Book Review - Anshulika Bansal

Publisher- Red Ink Publishers

Verdict- 4/5

“The serpentine scrolls” is a book which conveys a reader about the oneness of all the religions. The book throws light on our history and takes one into deep thinking. A very gripping and interesting story presented by the author. A perfect blend of romance, where the things go really heavy is fantastic. The twists and turns in the story will compel you to turn the pages.

About the author-

Alcatraz Dey is the pseudonym of Ajay Kumar, an Indian based author who writes mystery thrillers. He is an avid gamer and his pen name ALCATRAZ is inspired by the protagonist in his favourite game series CRYSIS. His academics show that he is a physics honours graduate from JNU. This is why he is able to incorporate certain scientific facts in his creations. His creations always present a grim side of life. In my opinion, melancholy is the subject in which he has mastered. Besides, prose writing, he has keen interest in writing poems which as usual, has a dark side. He is an enigma and he himself creates a mystery around him which he feels is apt for his persona as he is a mystery writer. There are certain hobbies of a person which provides them encouragement whenever they feel down and out. And so our author, he possess a quality of dance. He teaches dance whenever he feels there is a need to take a break from his routine. According to my research, whatever he writes always has a melancholic touch to it. He bases his stories which seems are on his life or maybe in a way they all portray his life. Being a writer, I understand a human mind and the frailties of being a human so I know how a writer is born. 

About the book-

A young boy opens his eyes in a desert and rummages around for the reason behind his bizarre existence. Thousands of years later a young man wakes up after four days and finds himself in Munich.

Two high profile terrorists are covert in the country for two decades.

An intelligence officer, learning to live the pain of his dead wife, is assigned the case.

A girl leaves the love of her life and moves without any prior warning. Adam and Eve, Jesus Christ, Muhammed, Gautama Buddha, Galileo, Birbal and the saint from Manchale have witnessed something that holds the key to two living beings that a saint is desperately searching for. Leave behind your notions of religion and faith. Leave behind everything that you have known. Discover the truth that will startle you and change you forever.


In the starting of the book, the author states that “History is proof that the humans have never esteemed the magnitude of religion”. This is the line which caught my attention and I came to know the entire agenda of the story. I have always been secular in my religious views and have always believed the concept of one God. The author made me feel connected to the story since the start.

Mr. Dey has created a mystery right in its first chapter and from the start I was mesmerized by the character “Ihsin”. It was a peculiar name given by the author to the protagonist of the story which intrigued me even more. The author has portrayed his character through “Ihsin” which has given this story a reality blended in fiction. The most admirable aspect is the characters and the inspiration behind them spoke about the reality which can make a reader believe that these things can actually be true. Unlike, other authors out there in our publishing industry, he didn’t use any flowery language or unnecessary long descriptions. Most impressive thing is that the chapters are divided in way that they keep readers inquisitive throughout. They switch from one scenario to another and link from one situation to another. Technique used by the author to keep the readers intact is brilliant. The usage of language is simple yet gripping. The narration is spectacular. I would like to tell that he has actually restored my faith in Indian authors.

The story revolves around the beautiful silk city, Bangalore. I have been to Bangalore, two years before and since then I have a unique fondness towards this city.  There were few mentions of my hometown “Lucknow” and the mere mention of my hometown filled my heart with an unexplained ecstasy.   Author’s research about snakes and the historical aspects is clearly visible in the entire book. In my opinion, an honest book is always appreciable. I have connected to the characters of the book and surprisingly, Ihsin’s geeky nature has rendered me speechless, parts of his life are related to mine is some or the other way.

The impeccable timings of the romance part of the thriller are the best part of the book. Wherever, the things go too heavy and serious, there, comes the cute love story to bring upon a smile on your face and lighten up your mood. Just like in some horror movies, the director keeps a sweet song which lulls you to change your course of thinking.

The seven snakes and the mystery behind them will actually awestruck a reader. I was bewildered by the twists and turns but as the story unfolds itself I was even more astounded than before.  The mention of Alexander and Sushruta Samhita was incredible. As I was into reading since my childhood, I relived those moments when I was a geeky girl with two ponies sitting in the library of my school most of the time. The reminiscences of the past engulfed me and made me turn more pages. Later, I found my favourite subject “religion” being explained so beautifully. The concept of the CREATOR was remarkable. I truly admire the author’s way of presenting these concepts. I believe the people who read this book will start believing in the oneness of all the religions. I thank my stars that I am a science student otherwise I wouldn’t have understood the calculations done by “Shahid” to screw up with the landing system of the airport. By the way, I really haven’t understood but still being aware of the terminologies is more than enough.

In the last, where “Hannah” deciphers all the clues from the tattoos on “Ihsin’s” body was the part which I loved the most. I have always been drawn towards the mystery books since my childhood and it was really great reading an Indian author coming up with such a great thriller.

Things I didn’t like-

  1. The newborn “Hannah” was butchered by Jebbar, I mean c’mon! How can he be killed by a terrorist? He was supposed to be divine. I didn’t really see it coming. I hope he is not dead and in the sequel he rises from the dead.
  2.  The repetition of the paragraphs, where Ihsin and Jebbar transformed. I guess it was not necessary after a while.
  3. The cover design of the book. Though, it doesn’t matter, it seemed like a comic book to me.
  4. The bad editing was a big turn down but I appreciate the author, with all the flaws kept aside he managed a great book.

The characters, the suspense, the thrill and the hidden mystery make me stealthily wait for the sequel “The sacrilege of Annie”.  I would have ranted more on the appreciation of the book and my fingers wouldn’t have stopped but everything ends eventually.

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