7+ Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Girl Best Friend

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Girl Best Friend

“Hello Canny, yaar Neetu ka birthday hai aur mujhe usko special feel krwaana hai...Kuch gift bata naa...”

“Arey Rajesh, bohot mehenga gift toh tu dene se raha Neetu ko…best hai ki kuch DIY ya homemade gift de de…”

Considering time constraints, I know how difficult it must be for Rajesh to prepare a home made or a DIY gift for her best friend’s birthday. Making someone feel special on a low budget is overwhelming. And not to forget, choosing a gift from a pool of available gifts is quite a task. 

Gifting something new that shows his emotions well and makes his friend truly feel that he cares is something that Rajesh was looking for. And, I know that you are also looking for the same.

Do not worry, we’ve got you covered and have created a list that is going to become your guiding angel in this gifting arena: 

Best Gift Ideas For Best Friend’s Birthday When You’re Low on A Budget 

When you buy a gift for someone, something one of a kind, never seen before, something not sold in stores, it is beautiful. When you put your time, your effort, your talent and love into a gift, it shows. And when you do, you will make someone feel that you care. 

So, a thoughtful birthday gift idea that makes your best friend feel important and also conveys your true emotions is what you should look for.

1. A Flowering Plant 

One can never go wrong with flowers while gifting them to a woman. But, if you are thinking of giving just flowers or maybe a bouquet of flowers, this is where you are wrong, my friend. 

I will improvise on this and encourage you to gift her a flowering plant as it stays for a longer period of time. Plus, it is altogether a different feeling to see a plant grow and then waiting patiently for a bud to bloom into a flower. 

Also, she would remember you every time she sees the plant in her home. 

If you need a suggestion on where you can buy a budget plant, Nurserylive is your go to website.

2. Nunmuns- Handmade Gift Idea for Best Friend


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If you are thinking of giving her a soft toy, please stop! This is 2021, you do not gift your girl best friend a soft toy on her birthday. I am sure you are going to get a coffee mug (or wiper blades) on your birthday if you go ahead with this idea. 

Instead, gift her a handmade numun. It is personal, something unique, similar to a soft toy (but not a soft toy) and most importantly, it is heartfelt. 

3. Unique Handmade Birthday Cards- (Best Friend DIY Gift Idea)

Nothing can go wrong with a handmade birthday card. Provided, you know how to make it and you are ready to put in real effort. 

Handmade birthday cards are intimate, personal as well as truly show your love and care towards your best friend. A simple and easy DIY card with a sweet message can do wonders on your best friend’s birthday. 

Confused on how you can start making a DIY card for your best friend, here is the link: 


4. MakeUp Kit - Best Gift Idea for Female Best Friend

Makeup is an art form that represents freedom of expression and individuality instead of being restricted to women. Considering this, if your best friend is a woman who likes to flaunt her beauty at times, a makeup kit can be something that can come of use to her. 

I know, I know, it sounded a little overwhelming to you. Do not worry, my friend, I am there to help you find a makeup kit that is going to be super useful and also will bring a smile to your friend’s face. 

Here it is, Best Make Up Kit At Affordable Price. 

5. Amazon Gift Cards 

Now, that you’ve scrolled this far, I understand nothing has worked for you. (Okay, I would not beat myself for that). 

My final suggestion would be an Amazon Gift Card. See, an amazon gift card gives her the freedom to buy whatever she likes and I guess, at this stage where you are unable to come to a conclusion on what to buy, an Amazon Gift Card comes in as a saviour. Trust me, I have also used this when there was no other option left. 

Amazon Gift Card 

Bonus Homemade Gift Ideas for Your Female Best Friend 


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Beautiful Handcrafted Lamps to decorate her room would be a great idea. This will fill her room with picture perfect ambience and also make her remember you whenever she switches it on. 

A lamp in her favorite corner of the room where she usually reads or works is going to add a level of comfort. And, if by chance she doesn’t have a favorite corner, I am sure that a lamp is going to do that for her. 

Personally, I bought a lamp from Woodooz and it made me develop a habit of reading before sleeping. 

How To Make Her Birthday Exxxtraa Special? 


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I am sure your best friend is going to love any gift along with a handwritten letter. This would be a great addition where you can reflect back on the special memories. A letter is surely going to make her feel that she is important as well as needed in your life. 

There is only so much that you can share on a call, video call or whatsapp messages. A letter is something really touching where you can share your heart out with the details you probably might not be able to share digitally. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Q. What is the best and simplest gift to give a female best friend on her birthday?

A. All the gifts that are mentioned above are the best and the simplest ones that you can gift your female best friend on her birthday. But, if I have to choose one, a decorated lamp along with a handwritten letter would be the one. 

Q. What can be the best birthday present to my girl best friend who has been a little bit angry with me for almost a year? 

A. I truly understand your situation. The best birthday gift for your friend can be a handwritten letter where you can be sorry for whatever happened and ask her to start afresh. Do not forget to mention the good times you had with her and how you miss those days. 

Q. What are the best and creative gifts to my female best friend on her birthday? 

A. Choosing a gift for your female best friend is hard. According to me, the best and most creative gift would be something DIY or hand made. 

Q. What are some awesome birthday gifts for a friend if I have a low budget? 

A. The above mentioned gifts are some awesome gift ideas for your best friend and you can buy them even on a low budget. 

Q. How can I give the best birthday gift to my best friend? 

A. The best birthday gift is often handmade and a DIY birthday special card or a box of surprise. Although, if you do not have time to make it yourself, you can always buy such handmade gifts on various Instagram pages. 

Final Words

I hope you liked my choices for gifts that you can give your girl best friend. 

And, I do not want you to buy any of these gifts if you’re not sure. Instead, you can read the whole blog, and think about your best friend and what is going to bring her joy on her birthday. 

Whenever you come up with a thought which is different from what I suggested but equally lovely, do share it with me. 

Now, if you like any of the gifts mentioned above, please bookmark this blog or maybe share it with a friend who needs to see this. 

Don’t keep gift ideas to yourself. Let everyone enjoy the exhilaration!

Stay Tuned!

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Wish your girl best friend a Happy Birthday Day on my behalf. 


This article was updated on July 8, 2021

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