7 Easy Exercises for Beginners To Stay Fit

Are you looking for easy exercises for beginners? Do you usually have jitters if you are told to exercise?

Well, you are not alone! I am a lazy ass and it is difficult for me to even stretch my legs and arms every day!

Believe me, I have found out a way to overcome this lethargic attitude of mine and have made way to stay fit.

Due to Coronavirus pandemic where the world is working from home, we have got ample of time to exercise. Doesn’t matter at what time you wake up and what is your schedule, you should make it a habit to stretch once you wake up so that when life becomes normal, you are able to work from office without any backaches.

Most of the people have sedentary jobs and often, they complain about their increasing weight and backache. It is the time that you actually work on yourself and join office absolutely fit and fine.

Also, a little bit of stretching always helps keep your sanity intact! Isn’t it?

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Table of Contents

7 Easy Exercises for Beginners To Stay Fit While Working From Home

Exercise 1: Surya Namaskar- Important Exercise for Beginners 


It is the easiest exercise for beginners that I ever did. It felt boring in the start but I did for a week 10 times without complaining. It had a positive impact on my mental stability and on my physique.

For instance, back in the days when I used to go to gym, my body was quite flexible but now daily job has made bones a little stiff. Surya Namasakar helped me gain my agility back.

Believe me, it is a panacea for all your problems.

10 times in the morning and you are done! Remember, 10 times is for pro level, you can start with 5 times- A well to do exercise for beginners!

Exercise 2: Kapaalbhaati- Awesome Exercise for Beginners to Burn Belly Fat


It is a bit difficult exercise for beginners! I started doing it for 20 seconds and I was like, ‘Please God, why are you doing this to me?”.

Let me tell you that if you are struggling with your stubborn belly fat, Kapaalbhaati is for you! It melts away the fat from your stomach in 20 days if you do it regularly. Okay, now you don’t have to put your hopes too high, burning that fat takes time and if you have a waist of 40 inches, you can’t expect it to become 24 in a matter of 20 days.

Also, if you are suffering from PCOS/PCOD like me, it is surely going to dissolve those cysts from your ovaries!

Say Hello! To healthy ovaries with Kapaalbhaati for 5 minutes (you will get there with consistency!)

Exercise 3: Crunches- Must Do Exercise To Flatten Your Stomach 


You must be aware about crunches! Everyone is! And in case, you aren’t, I am not going to judge you!

Crunches is also an exercise for your belly fat whether stubborn or not, it melts away your fat real fast!

It is tested and tried technique that you must do. Start from doing three sets of 10 and gradually increase whenever you have made peace with the fact that exercising is the key to live a long life.

Motivation: Crunches a day lets you have that Maharaja Mac Burger from McDonald’s free of guilt!

Exercise 4: Jumping Jacks or Burpees- Calorie-Burning Exercise for Beginners 


Well, doing Burpees and Jumping Jacks everyday is such a relief! But, if you are a beginner and are not looking for a high intensity workout, you can choose one.

Jumping jacks is a fun exercises for beginners. Turn on some great music that you love and start jumping until you feel tired but if you want to know how many are to be done to stay fit, then it is 50 at a time. Okay! Okay! Don’t roll your eyes! Start with 20. Okay, 10! Is it fine?

Burpees is a painful excercise for beginners, and for me even today doing three sets of 12 is a pain! However, you can do it if you do 5 reps for two 2 weeks.

For beginners, I would suggest, 1 set of 10 and that’s it! Sometimes, I still do 1 set! C’mon my lazy ass sometimes takes a toll over me!

Motivation: I can have guilt-free cheese burst Pizza!

Exercise 5: Stretch! Stretch! Stretch!- Must Do Exercise for Beginners 


After doing these 5, relax and start stretching your hands, legs, neck and waist!

If you wish your body to be flexible, stretching is a must! Reducing weight is another thing and having agility in your body gives a different kind of joy. In addition to this, it helps relax your muscles!

Have you watched gymnastics and how we 'Ohhhhhh' with their every twist and turn? That comes from stretching. However, you might not be able to mimic those people in the gymnasium but surely a little unusual twist will do no harm to your body.

Exercise 6: Leg Raises- Lower Belly Exercise For Beginners


It is such a wonderful exercise for your lower belly. Lie down and raise your leg upwards and repeat till your stomach comes out and slaps you! Hahaha! Believe me, as a beginner, I could not exercise for a bit but now I work out for 30 minutes at home.

Okay, three sets of 10 is fine for a pro level otherwise one-two sets for beginners is a pretty good start.

Exercise 7: Plank- Stamina Building Exercise for Beginners 


Plank is a pretty good exercise even for a beginner and Oh! what joy it gives when you are able to hold it for 3 minutes! It is a competition with yourself. Yesterday you were able to hold it for 20 seconds? Today, try and hold it for 25 seconds.

It is such a joy once you get a hang of it!

For beginners, I would suggest try doing holding it for 20 secs or may be even 15 is fine.

Caution: Please hold your position right to avoid unnecessary back ache.

Enough! If you are doing these 7 exercises for beginners, I bet you will join office with improved texture of your skin, higher energy levels, reduced backaches and if you have done this diligently, you might have reduced a little bit of weight.

I understand that exercising is a hectic task but to stay healthy, you gotta do it! In other words, make it a habit.

Trust me, if I can do it anyone can! Instead of wasting a chunk of your salary on gym with no benefit, exercise at home!

You will surely see the benefit for sure! However, these exercises for beginners is just for those people who have exercised for a long time in a while. You may choose to work out more if you can.

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