16 Binge-Worthy Indian Web Series | Hindi Web Series

Are you flipping through Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime and are unable to find intriguing Indian web series?

Initially, work from home sounded a great idea where we have all the freedom to eat, to sleep, to lie down and work, to play songs and work, etc. Isn’t it?

As the world’s population is living under lockdown, work load has increased gradually with time. Owing to the extension of the lockdown, there is panic amongst various companies and they are bound to make their employees work even harder so that they can generate revenue.

Amidst such chaos where people loved the idea of working from home now wish to switch back to normal office environment. The moment the hectic office hours are over, they swiftly close the flaps of their laptops, takes a sigh of relief and switch to their smart TVs or mobile phones for entertainment.

I have curated a list of nail-biting web series that surely are gonna give you goosebumps:

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16 Binge-Worthy Indian Web Series | Hindi Web Series

1. Samantar- MX Player

Cast- Swwapnil Joshi, Tejaswini Pandit

Genre- Thriller

“Do Insaano Ke Haathon Ki Lakeere Ekdum Ek Jaisi Kaise Ho Sakti Hain?”


This Marathi (also released in Hindi) web series is set in Mumbai and is based on a man named Kumar Mahajan who was in search of a solution to his unending bad luck.

In order to do so, he visits an astrologer who refuses to tell his future and this is where the tables turn. That astrologer hints him that his hand lines are absolutely similar to a person named ‘Sudarshan Chakrapani’.

While Mahajan grapples with this self-fulfilling prophecy and trying to find ‘Sudarshan’, the series goes into a rabbit hole and it is hard to predict what is going to happen next.

An intriguing and an ultimate nerve-racking Indian web series that you must watch on MX player. Remember, there is a reason why it is on top of the list.

Plus Point: It is available for free. Just Download the app and ENJOY!

2. Kafir- Zee5- An Emotional Indian Web Series 

Cast: Dia Mirza, Mohit Raina

Genre: Indo-Pak Story

 “Log Ladte Hain Milne Ki Khaatir, Lekin Apni To Bichadh Jaane Ki Ladai Thi”.


Kafir is an Indian Web series, based on a true story that depicts the journey of a Pakistani woman for justice. Kainaaz (Dia) jumps into a river intending to kill herself, but accidentally she crosses the border into India fighting for her life.

Luckily, she was saved by the army but only to be labeled as a militant from Pakistan and been jailed for 15 months where she was refused to present her case.

Completely traumatized and downtrodden by these turn of events in her life, she was totally shattered. During this period, she was raped, abused and later on, she begets a daughter named ‘Seher’ in jail.

After 7 years, a journalist who was a former lawyer took her case and fought for her. But her journey was not over, Pakistan refuses to accept her daughter as she was born in India. A melancholic love story blooms between the two of them but to what end? Only to part ways!

Did she return to Pakistan? For this, you gotta watch the web series!

Plus Point: You do not have to buy a subscription for Zee5, if you have Jio, Idea or Vodafone, you can stream Zee5 through their apps!

3.Special OPS- Hotstar

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Divya Dutta, Karan Tacker

Genre: Espionage- Action- Thriller

 “Hamari Agency Me Hum Kahani Aur Misaal, Dono Boht Acchi Bana Lete hain”


Himmat Singh (Kay Kay Menon), a RAW intelligence officer is being audited by an internal committee in order to understand the expenses incurred by his team.

These auditors were hell-bent to charge him with some hefty embezzlement but was juxtaposed by Himmat Singh about his expenses spent in the line of duty in order to save the nation.

During the course of the audit, we get to know that he and team were after Ikhlaq Khan, an elusive terrorist and the mastermind behind the Parliament attack in 2001.

The core of this Indian web series is behind the same where Menon and his team are trying to get their hands on Ikhlaq Khan.

Plus Point: You are not going to get bored! The series keeps you hooked till the end!

4. Panchayat- Amazon Prime

Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Raghuvir Yadav

Genre- Comedy-Drama

“Dulhe ko koi gaand ka chhed kaise keh skta hai, mera beta kya gaand k chhed jaisa dikhta hai?”


Jitendra Kumar and his amazing acting skills already have a huge fan following. From ‘TVF player’ to big-screen movies, ‘Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan’, he has come a long way.

‘Panchayat’ displays a lighthearted reflection of rural India where ‘Abhishek Tripathi’ (Jitendra) who was a freshly graduated young man from Delhi is forced to accept a government job offer.

Failing to find any other job, he was compelled to accept the only job offer where he was posted in a mundane small village of Uttar Pradesh, Phulera. Being born and brought up in a metro city, his ordeals to settle in a village is surely going to tickle your funny bone.

Plus Point: A light-hearted series with gentle humour is the best to keep your work stress away for a while!

5. She- Netflix

Cast: Aaditi Pohankar, Vishwas Kini

Genre: Crime Thriller- Drama

 “Tmhe sabse zyada darr kisse lagta hai?”

“Sir, Apne Se!”


The drama, slow-build thrill, and the cinematography of ‘She’ is worth a watch. The series revolves around a lower-middle-class constable who works with Mumbai Police is chosen by a member of the Narcotics Bureau, Jason Fernandez (Vishwas Kini) to bring down a major drug cartel.

For a timid and a docile constable, posing as a sex worker and working as an undercover cop was off-limits. Especially, when she was dealing with her sexuality and where her husband has already left her for not being sexually proactive.

Her character transition where she explores her dormant sexual potential is what keeps you glued till the end. A must watch for sure!

Plus Point: It's been some time since She's release, hence you can download this Indian Web series. Just in case you do not have a Netflix subscription (Not everybody is shit-loaded!).

6. Asur- Voot Select

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti

Genre: Crime-Thriller Drama

 “Anant Andhkar hi Param satya hai, Lagav hi Peeda hai, Karuna hi krurata hai, Ant hi Prarambh hai”


A slow-paced psychological thriller that makes you question the nature of good and evil and makes you see the bigger picture. The gruesome murder of a woman at the start of the series, her charred and mutilated body strung in a field sets the premise of a gripping plot.

The mythological conflict of the devas and the asuras is so cleverly presented in contemporary times where you never completely move towards ‘Ramayan’ or ‘Mahabharatha’ but are forced to think about them.

Asur is a story of an innocent child who is abused by his father because of the gifted photographic memory he possessed. The plot takes a twist where this child prodigy turns into a murderer and the entire forensic department of CBI is unable to catch him.

Plus Point: A binge-worthy Indian Web series with its eerie and somber soundtrack keeps you on the edge. The ominous mood of the series is sure to impress!

7. Smoke- Zee5

Cast: Jim Sarbh, Amit Sial, Satyadeep Mishra, Kalki Koechlin, Mandira Bedi

Genre: Crime-Thriller

 “Crime aur Passion Mein, Log Ek Doosre ka Angutha nhi Kat-te”


An edgy narrative of the series that portrays the underbelly of Goa. The city is rampant with drug overlords and their henchmen, Smoke displays a world of blatant corruption.

The story circles around two drug cartels, Bhau and Moshe Barak who are involved in the illegal supply of drugs from Russia. Chaos ensues where members of both gangs are suspiciously murdered which worked as an open declaration of war by a rival gang.

To top it all, Barak’s gang was closely watched by police force led by Satyadeep Mishra. The ruthlessness of Barak, the entry of JJ (hitman of Bihar) and other aspects of the series will give you the much-needed chills.

Plus Point: It is now available on EROS cinema. If you wish to watch it for free, streaming through Jiocinema is the best option.

8. Bard of Blood- Netflix

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Sobhita Dhulipala, Vineet Kumar

Genre: Spy Fiction, Thriller 

“Mekhaana ho ya Tehkhaana, Ye Har Jagah ko Paikhaana Samajhte Hain”


An intelligence Indian Operative, Kabir Anand is sent to rescue four Indian spies who were captured by the Taliban. The series ‘Bard of Blood’ is based on the novel by Bilal Siddiqui and is set in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

The quick turn of events keeps you engrossed throughout the series. A bunch of shootouts, hand-to-hand combat scenes and explosions makes it a must watch and creates an interesting viewing.

Plus Point: The series ends at a cliffhanger where an Intelligence Indian Operative who was a dear friend of Kabir Anand was behind all this chaos. How did he manage all this? Let’s wait for the next season!

9. The Flip- Eros Now

Cast: Ranvir Shorey, Shruti Marathe, Arjun Mathur, Shweta Basu Prasad, Shweta Gulati, Pallavi Batra, Jim Sarbh, Viraf Patel, Sandeepa Dhar, Sheetal Menon and Naman Shaw

Genre: Psychological Thriller


The Flip displays four unique stories that are strung together with a common thread. Eccentric characters and shocking story lines is an interesting watch since the beginning. The unusual plot twists are what will keep you hooked till the end.

This four-anthology series is a dystopia which is later developed into a psychological thriller. The series looks at life, situations and people from diverse angles.

The Flip has a life changing message and its many flavor takes you to the journey of 20 years and back. The set of the movie leaves you numb and dumbfounded at the chilling climax.

Plus Point: Where employees are being laid off due to economic scarcity of the world, it is available for free on JioCinema.

10. Bhram- Zee5 

Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Bhumika Chawla, Sanjay Suri, Chandan Roy, Eijaz Khan

Genre: Psychological/Horror Thriller

“Agar me Kahoon Ki Mujhe Us Jhoole Par Ek Ladki Jhootli Hui Dikh Rahi Hai, Toh Ise Bhi Tm Mere Mann ka Bhram hi Kahogi”


A spooky plot where a woman (Kalki as Alisha) who is a writer suffers PTSD after the death of her husband and her unborn child. She was completely traumatized and owing to her condition, her sister takes her to a scenic hill station in a resort.

Soon, Alisha starts seeing people who may or may not exist and starts traversing the extremes in order to unearth a long-forgotten truth.

As the story moves forward, a twisted plot keeps your chills high. The revelation of new truths makes you spellbound which is pretty much going to keep you entertained till the end.

Plus Point: A blend of light horror! You can watch it even if you are dead scared to watch horror web series! Believe me, I watched it! (I am a scaredy-cat who can’t even sleep in the dark).

11. Abhay- Zee5- A Must-Watch Indian Web Series 

Cast: Kunal kemmu

Genre: Crime, Thriller 

“Har Insaan Jurm Karne ki Kabiliyat Rakhta hai, Par Us Insaan Ko Pehchanne Ki Kabiliyat Rakhta hu Mein”


The web series ‘Abhay’ speaks volumes about the insanity and the brutal side of human beings. The series is named after its protagonist, ‘Abhay’ who is a angry young man and a brilliant police officer who is keen on demolishing the crimes happening in Uttar Pradesh.

On the other hand, Abhay (Kunal) was fighting his own demons after the death of wife for which he held himself responsible. As a police officer, he had sinned in the past for which he paid a hefty price.

The series displays a harsh truth and the insane side of a human who has lost their mind’s stability. The well-crafted storyline keeps you gripped till the end.

Plus Point: Workings of the unstable mind and their ability to commit heinous crimes is something that really scares to the core. Watch it at on your own risk!

12. Family Man- Amazon Prime- Indian Web Series 

Cast: Manoj Bajpai, Gul Panag, Priyamani, Sharad Kelkar

Genre: Action-Drama, Thriller 

“Privacy is a myth just like Democracy”


An underpaid struggling family man who is a world-class spy for a top-class agency, TASC is on an espionage to try and stop a terrorist attack.

While his family believes that he is some paper pusher behind the desk as a government employee, he is the top agent who conducts mass surveillance to prevent a terrorist attack. Amidst the work-load, files and rushing for the leads of the case, he sees his family crumbling.

The series is inspired by true events where Manoj Bajpayee manages to keep the grim plot to a light-hearted funny spy story with his effortless acting skills.

Plus Point: Three episodes of the series are available for free on Amazon Prime!

13. Forgotten Army- Amazon Prime

Cast: Sunny Kaushal, Sharvari

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

“Aur ek din Hindustan hmarai kurbani ko yaad karega . Shayad samajh nahi payega , lekin yaad zaroor karega.”


As a part of Indian National Army, Lieutenant Sodhi and the whole army foght for Indian Independence during World War II. The short series based on true events displays the sacrifice, valor and their courage to fight for India’s independence from a soldier’s point of view.

The series is set in 1945 where ‘prisoners of war’ were brought to Delhi by British government. Indian National Army, led by Subhash Chandra Bose and his mission ‘Dilli Chalo’ where men and women marched towards Delhi in order to free India from the reigns of British rule.

It was the first time when women fought alongside men in a battlefield. The sacrifice of these young women and men was somehow forgotten and their zeal to fight against all odds hid under the history.

No doubt, it is a must watch and a great opportunity to dive a little deeper into Indian history.

Plus Point: It doesn’t take much time of yours! 3 hours and you are done! Also, a few tears, if they come rolling down your cheeks can’t be blamed!

14. Typewriter- Netflix

Cast: Palomi Ghosh, Purab Kohli, Abhishek Banerjee

Genre: Horror

“The soul is trapped in between the universe.”


The story revolves around a discarded typewriter which is capable of doing sinister things by itself. A sprightly dark series with a grim subject line yet managing to make you giggle at some points.

The movie is set in a picturesque bungalow which was abandoned a long time ago in Goa. A family moves in and we soon realize that the bungalow has its connection to a woman named ‘Jenny’.

This deep and devastating connect of Jenny makes the plot of the series and manages to give you the much-required chills.

The witchcraft-y and the mystery behind Jenny’s connection where a typewriter holds the soul of a man who died in the Bungalow is gripping. The brisk pace does not even let you bat an eyelid!

Plus Point: You can watch it with your children! A light-horror with which your children will be at ease! Also, watching it during the night isn’t a bad idea at all.

15. Bhaukaal- MX player

Cast: Mohit Raina, Abhimanyu Singh

Genre: Crime-Thriller 

“Gaand fate to fate par nawabi na ghate.”


Based on the true story of an SSP, Naveen Sikhera who was known as hard-working, witty and a dignified man. No sooner, he steps into the city, Muzaffarnagar of Uttar Pradesh, he learns barbarities and brutalities which the people used to bear on a daily basis.

A gangster Shaukeen and a mob led by ‘Dedha Brother’s ruled the city and Naveen pledged to put an end to this. The story links well to the original story of UP and a binge-watch environment is set up in just four episodes of the series.

It is a story of bravery where a Police officer along with his team cleanses the city infested with criminals. The chaos, utter despair of people living under the fear of local gangs and lawlessness of Muzaffarnagar is well-justified in the series.

This Indian Web Series cum biopic shows clearly the efforts of Naveen Sikhera who nabs every effort of these local gangs to take control over the city.

Plus Point: You will never be wavered while watching the series! And it is certain that you will watch the 10 episodes of the series in one go!

16. Hasmukh- Netflix

Cast: Veer Das, Ranvir Shorey, Amrita Bagchi, Ravi Kishan, Inaamulhaq and Manoj Pahwa.

Genre: Dark Comedy

 “….baki Ganeshji to bhare pade hain Saharanpur mein.”( please, no offence! )


A small-town comic who was looking for his big break from a long time happens to murder the man who was supposed to launch him. Murder at the start of the movie is sure to keep you hooked and the story build-up with twists and turns keeps you on the edge.

No sooner, the comic finds out that the only way to keep his energy on stage is to commit murders, he becomes a serial killer. Amidst the humour, the story takes a dark turn when he had various killings on his hand while he became a comic sensation on TV.

Plus Point: You will learn a lot of ‘Bhojpuri’ and sometimes, it is fun to start your dialogue from ‘Woh Ka Hai Na Ki…”

Hope you enjoy these Indian web series!

Please let us know in the comments about your review and also, please suggest in case I have missed any series!

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Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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