10 Proven Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Often, you might have heard that drinking water is essential. It is a fact that our body contains 60% of water. Thus, you must replenish this water daily to make our body function normally.
Staying hydrated at all times should be one of our top priorities. Apart from drinking water, we must have a water-centric diet.

Before moving towards the benefits of drinking water, let us know some cool facts:

Drinking-Water Facts You Should Know

  • Human blood contains 90% water
  • Drinking water can help weight loss
  • There is no fixed quantity that we must consume daily
  • Water deficiency or dehydration can cause skin damage, kidney stones, liver damage, and other normal body functions

According to the news, heat wave across India, May 2020 is fatal. Drinkng water is necessary to prevent heatstroke, sun burns and other health issues caused by dehydration:

Without much further ado, let’s take a look at the proven benefits of drinking water:

10 Proven Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

1. Keep Joints Pain at Bay

Our joints contain a lubricant called ‘Cartilage’ which contains a large percentage of water. The same lubricant is found in the disks of our spine that facilitates our normal body movement.

Dehydration or water deficiency may reduce the shock-absorbing capability of joints and disks of our spine leading to significant pain.

Enough water in our body reduces the chance of having joint pains by a compelling amount.

2. Aids in Forming Saliva and Mucus

Saliva and Mucus are the important part of our body. Saliva formation helps in the normal digestion in our body while mucus helps keep our nose, eyes and mouth moist at all times. The mucus membrane regulates our immune system as well.

Drinking enough water aids in forming the adequate amount of saliva and mucus.

3. Helps in The Delivery of Oxygen in Your Body

Blood is comprised of 90% of water. Drinking the required amount of water makes our blood vessels facilitate the flow of blood in every organ of our body.

The only source to deliver oxygen in the entire body is our blood. It carries oxygen in different parts of our body and hence, water is an essential part of our living.

4. Nourishes Your Skin

Inadequate amount of water in our body, makes our skin look dull and dry. Wrinkles, fine lines and creases on our skin is the early signs of deficiency of water. Your skin may become prone to damage and various skin disorders.

Drinking 2-3 litres of water daily helps brings back the lost shine of our skin, makes your skin livelier and keeps it nourished. After all, we don’t want the appearance of our skin make us look that we have come of age. Isn’t it?

5. Regulates Body Temperature

Generally, water is stored in the layers of our skin and it surfaces up as sweat when the body gets heated up, thereby, keeping our body at the optimum temperature through the process of evaporation.

When we drink less amount of water, this surface water reduces and as a result, heat storage increases in our body causing a plethora of health issues.

Hence, it is recommended to drink at least 2-3 litres of water in a day.

6. Improves Brain Function

Our hydration status determines the health of our brain.

Dehydration impairs normal brain functions causing mood swings, headaches, fatigue and anxiety. Secondly, it affects your memory and brain performance.

Therefore, drinking enough water should become your habit. Or at least make it from today!

7. Improves Your Digestion

Infrequent bowel movements, difficulty in passing stool and constipation is a common problem faced by many. Acidic stomach, ulcers and heartburn are some of the exaggerated issues of dehydration.

The whole process of digestion requires water and a deficiency causes indigestion and many other digestive issues.

So, Drink! Drink! Drink!

8. Maintains Blood Pressure

Lack of water in our body thickens our blood quality. This thickening elevates our blood pressure resulting in frequent headaches, fatigue and lower energy levels.

An adequate amount of fluid intake can help solve this issue and relieve us from other heart diseases as well.

According to a research conducted by Iranian Journal of Publc Health, drinking water consumption on a frequent basis, decreases systolic blood pressure in hot working condition.

9. Prevents Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are mineral crystals that forms in our urinary tract giving a excruciating pain. These stones may vary in size and ideally, if they are not that large, they pass through urine.

The situation might be fatal if these stones grow in size and initial steps are not taken to cure them.

Hence, gulp down at least one glass of water while reading this blog!

Thinking to drink it later? Ok, the choice is yours but think of the effects of dehydration.

10. Helps in Weight Loss

Drinking enough water in a day makes you feel fuller and maintains your metabolic rate. A healthy digestion in your body do not let the nutrients, vitamins and minerals get stored in your body.

On the other hand, it digests and makes the same vitamins and minerals absorb by your body to give you various health benefits.

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How Much Water Should You Drink In a Day?

Your physical activity determines how much water you should intake. More activity calls out for more water intake.

According to various research, there is no fixed amount of water intake that a person must have. However, it is recommended that a man should drink 3-4 litres of water in a day and a woman should drink 2-3 litres of water per day.

These amounts are not fixed and may vary according to your lifestyle.

How To Keep Track Of Your Water Intake?

  • Carry a water bottle with you to your office or while going out of your house
  • Always drink water from a glass when you are at home. And, drink at least one glass of water
  • You can download mobile apps which gives you reminders of water intake hourly

Beat the heat and drink enough water in a day to avoid heat strokes and other health issues caused due to scorching heat.

These benefits of drinking water might help you understand why it is essential to drink enough water in a day!

Stay Hydrated at all times!

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